do we require from you?


-Signed Contract of work being performed by GTP

-Signed Contract for Video/Photo Release of everyone being filmed and/or taking photographs of

*Does not apply if you’ve hired our trusted planner*

-Signed Contract of insufficient information if we feel you may not be providing the approximate details we need to make your project a success with us

-One of our accepted forms of payment in advance (30% Deposit) Credit Card or Check

-Detailed Map of venue and vantage point(s) for videographer

-Person of contact if we cannot reach you and to know last minute changes or details

-Details of other service providers and if they may be unintentionally interfering with our work being performed

-Proper licenses from venue if it is a local/national park and if filmed outside normal visitation hours

Greentpyro Productions, LLC. “GTP” 2021